Baby Photography That Makes You Smile

Nothing is more special to new parents than a beautiful portrait of their baby. I photograph many families with older children and the first thing these parents say to me is that they really regret not having a professional photo of their children as babies as the they grow up so quickly.

At six to ten months your baby is at the perfect age to capture them sitting and smiling during your creative baby photography session. I’m blessed in that I love photographing babies and they seem to love me back! There’s nothing like the feeling when they finally give me a cheeky little smile for the camera.

Unlike some photographers I understand how important flexibility is for parents so I ensure that everything is structured around you to allow extra time for feeding, sleeping or just to wait until your baby is settled.

Although the choice is yours, I recommend having your baby photography session at home your home although you can also select a location of your choice within the Sydney and South Coast region.

Baby Photography Styling
Styling is an important aspect to consider for your Baby Photography Session as it will impact on the overall photograph. Your baby will be photographed in a range of blankets and accessories. Make the time to consider colours and textures that may be suitable to bring along to the photography session.

From my experience it’s best to keep colours neutral with a hint of colour. Subtle colours can be used with nappy covers, beanies or headbands.

Bring along accessories, wraps and blankets that you would like to include in your Photography Session. In addition to your choices, I will also show you some of styling accessories that you may wish to incorporate.

Your Clothing Choice
Clothing is another important aspect to consider for your Baby Photography Session. Bring along up to three clothing options for you to choose from. Make sure your clothing is ironed and hung up on coat hangers to avoid any unsightly folds.

Dads might like to wear white shirts with a subtle strip or plain dark coloured shirts. Mums will look at their best if they could wear flowing soft or dark coloured blouses or white blouses.

Baby Photography Sessions start from $100 and are custom designed to suit all my clients’ wishes.

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